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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Devotionals: Our Daily Manna 24/01/2017


As I was ministering at the last November Anointing service with theme: "MY HAIR SHALL GROW AGAIN," at the Manna Mountain Lagos, I was led to lay hands on a particular. As soon as I did that, he staggered and fell under the anointing. While he was in the floor, the Lord showed me that he was in a wilderness/desert alone with his wife! So I shouted publicly: "WHERE ARE YOUR CHILDREN?" He said he had none and that was one reason he came to seek the LORD. Then instantly, the LORD told me to ask him publicly about his wife. He then told the shocked crowd that his wife hardly missed the Manna Mountain services, but she was ABSENT ON THAT DAY! He was instructed to bring her the following day for a prophetic prayer assignment! But as soon as he said his wife was ABSENT ON THAT DAY, today's devotional message jumped into my soul as the hart pants after the brook of water! WHY WOULD THE LORD CALL OUT HER CASE ON THE DAY SHE WAS ABSENT? I remember also that it is possible for a man or woman to be REPLACED or REPRESENTED on the day of their celebration! Some people labour and pray hard but just before their EVIDENCE HOUR, something keeps them off their place of duty? That was the story of Moses! He missed it (disobeyed God) just before his entry into the Promised Land that he had laboured for! In this year 2017, no man shall represent you on the day of your glory! May you be at the right place at the right time in Jesus name! Don't Miss The World Anointing Night or indeed any Anointing Service As Much As You Can This Year Because You Don't Know When Your Case Will Be Called Or Visited! Sow your Evidence Seed and give out EXTRA COPIES of this ODM booklet more than you usually do, as I was instructed to tell you! It Is The Prophetic Instruction You Refuse To Obey That May Be Carrying Your EVIDENCE! Yes, It is the Offering (Prophetic Seed) You Refuse To Sow That May Be Holding Your Laughter Package! Determine that you will not grow weary just before your testimony day! Oh! Life is an examination! May you not fail on the day of your set time! Determine to sow your "EVIDENCE SEED" and send an E-mail for your PROPHETIC PRAYER PSALM (PPP) which you will pray for 7 weeks AS I WAS DIRECTED (SEE "WAR AGAINST HAMAN-12" booklet). Oh! I can't wait for the EVIDENCE night! YOUR God will OPPOSE every OPPOSER of your breakthrough that night and this year because this is your year! Amen and amen!

TODAY IS DAY 18 of this 21 -day fasting programme. Turn to PAGE 75 of "WAR AGAINST HAMAN-12" booklet for today's special prayers.

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song in your native tongue.
1. In your own words, pray seriously about the word as led.
2. My breakthrough OPPOSERS will run mad this year!
3. I receive grace to OBEY all the prophetic instructions above!
4. I shall not be absent or represented on the day of my celebration. I shall live to see my glory day in Jesus name.

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