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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How Frank Edwards Changed The Story of A Young Street Begger (A True Life Story)

It was a life changing experience for a young beggar as God used his tool Frank Edwards to change his life. The page of history books will never be enough to write about frank Edwards
The content below tells the story of a street beggar and how God used Gospel music artiste, frank Edward’s to change the life of the beggar.

The story began when Kemi Ajumobi, An Emcee, was driving along admiralty way in Lekki and she saw a young chap trying to reach out to someone to beg and was turned off…she felt strongly to turn back so she did and she said if God wanted her to see him again it would be easy and voila she drove down a bit she saw him and this time it was with his friend. His name is Daniel and his friend’s name is Ibrahim. Daniel stopped school in Jss1 and sincerely desires to go back to school. To cut it all short,

At the end. The lady, kemi asked daniel 

Who’s your favourite gospel artist.  
And he said frank Edwards. 

What are your goals in life
 To become a Mechanical Engineer

And faithfully Frank Edward Got To See The Post & Requested Someone To Get The Boy To Him. He Said

In His Words, He Said

Somebody get me these boys let’s rain Miracles on them .. I have been there so I know exactly how it hurts to beg to survive , thank God for JESUS! thank God they chose the right role model .. their lives will never be the same!!! And he speaks so well he will defiantly do well in school !! and no boy you will not live a normal life you will live an excellent life !!! @kemiajumobi thank you for taking out time to visit the streets If u can still find them pls bring them to me. Pls pls pls #miraclerain #miraclerain #miraclerain

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