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Friday, 14 July 2017

Joe Praize Set To Drop New Single ‘Jesus Everywhere’

Nigerian gospel singer, praise and worship leader Joe Praize announced he would be releasing a new song soon titled ‘Jesus Everywhere’.

The Minister took to his instagram page and announced. He Said: 
“There is a new Discussion in town … There is a future that I see… I see people in America , Australia, all across Africa , U.K. Europe , Asia , middle-east and EVERYWHERE talking about JESUS… They are CELEBRATING THE NAME ,MESSAGE AND THE MAN JESUS CHRIST. They are no more ashamed to speak or discuss about him , They are no more afraid of what will be done to them as they publish his message everywhere… THERE IS A NEW AWAKENING ALL AROUND THE WORLD . The creator of world has CHANGED things. JESUS IS EVERYWHERE So much to write now but let me save it.

GET READY FOR THIS MOVEMENT AND CELEBRATION … WHY DO LIVE IF YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT JESUS CHRIST as a CHRISTIAN… Shout hallelujah… hallelujah. The name of Jesus Everywhere … hallelujah Jesus Everywhere … oh oh oh. I see him everywhere… eh eh eh All around All around JESUS”


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