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Saturday, 5 August 2017

TY Bello drops New Visuals for her Series “Spontaneous Worship”

Popular,Celebrated singer and photographer TY Bello has again dropped another video for her weekly series“Spontaneous Worship”. This one is titled “The Veil” and was recorded along with Folabi Nuel and George.

She writes:
TY BELLO and GEORGE ft FOLABI NUEL: link to New Thursday session with @biggorgy and @folabi_nuel in my profile.Now this was a special one . Folabi had written the first verse to a spontaneous song , THE VEIL that came when we sang together at @guidinglightgla . I wrote the second verse and it was a beautiful experience for me . I hadn’t written a structured song in so long . We meditated on 2nd Corinthians 3:18 and pulled words from it .. it was efforts . We then called ..at very short notice ..on @showgearonline to help record and film the live rendition of the song ..we had no idea what we were in for .. we sang what we had written for ‘THE VEIL: when I see you’ and we couldn’t stop singing .New explosive music just kept coming out of our mouths and through The piano .. song after song.. after song .. we just gave in to the sound .. we had no choice ..and just let it flow . It was so perfect.. like it was scripted by God Himself .. We couldn’t even say the Grace without it turning into another song ..thank you @biggorgy and @folabi_nuel for being a portal for making open .. pure and absolutely sincere God filled Music.I can’t thank @showgearonline And their entire team for this beautiful experience. I kept having to pinch my self so see if you guys were real.This is absolutely the beginning of a beautiful journey . 

Watch the video below

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