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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Check Out 360Gospelvibes Exclusive Interview With Chevelle Franklin

Chevelle Franklyn (born 4 March 1974) is an award-winning Jamaican reggae and gospel reggae singer. Born in the Tawes Pen area of Spanish Town in St. Catherine Parish, Franklyn was the fourth in a family of ten children.

In an Exclusive catch up with her, she opened up on her just released album, her lifestyle and her background..

Read Below and be Blessed...

360Gospelvibes: Chevelle thanks for doing this interview with us. Can you tell our readers a little more about your background, how you came to know Christ and end up singing for Him
Chevelle: Thank you so much for having me its indeed a pleasure to speak to you. I've been doing music since the age of 14 years old I started out doing secular music in Jamaica, I would consider myself as being a household name here. It was a very rough beginning because I started out from great poverty. All I wanted to do was to escape and make something of myself and music was the vehicle for me to do just that. It was quite difficult but with perseverance and the will to make something of myself I pushed. My first recording was a smash hit in Jamaica called "Here I am" I had one and two other popular songs after that didn't really make great waves but it was enough to keep me busy. Years later I did a song called "Mr. Lover Man" with Shabba Ranks. Then in 1998 I did another song which was a mega hit A song called "Dancehall Queen" with Jamaica's king of the Dancehall Beenie Man also the title track to the movie called Dancehall Queen, In that same year on a secular platform I give my life to Jesus Christ, then my new life brought me right to this place.

360Gospelvibes: Awesome. So what is it like performing at the inauguration of Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Chevelle: It was a humbling experience to be able to sing at in any inauguration but especially in your homeland. That was the first for me, so my name will go down in history as a part of something great.

360Gospelvibes: How do you deal with your crazy schedule?

Chevelle: My schedule isn't that busy so I find the time to do all the things I need to do to make things happen.

360Gospelvibes: What sort of testimonies have you heard lately of your legendary hit Album ‘Set Time’ since it's been released.

Chevelle: The Feedback Has been amazing so far even though it's early days yet I'm still very excited and expectant and knowing that God is going to use this album to do mighty things in peoples lives.

How do you feel about your new project, 'Set Time'?

Chevelle: Words cannot begin to express how grateful and excited I am because it has been a long journey and now I've come into a new season with it. Finally it's here thank you Jesus.

360Gospelvibes: What sort of changes do you wish to see in the gospel music industry?

Chevelle: I would wish to see more unity and genuine care for each other, but most of all I wish to see ministers truly manifest in the fruit of the spirit.

360Gospelvibes: Walk us through a typical Sunday for you, when you're not travelling...

Chevelle: A typical Sunday for me is been a part of the worship team at my church in Jamaica, then home with the family for a nice dinner, a quiet evening then prepare for Monday morning Schedule

360Gospelvibes: Your new album introduces ‘Set Time’; tell us how different it is when compared to your other albums.
Chevelle: For sure you will hear maturity in my voice in the words of the songs, you definitely will here growth spiritually. Its a melting pot or various different musical expressions, influenced by my travel over the last 10 Years

360Gospelvibes: Having worked in the music industry for nearly a decade, what's the biggest lesson you've learned,

Chevelle: Well its been more like 3 decades, I want to give you two of the biggest lessons that I've learned, One is to remain humble despite all of that you have achieved and Two let God be the centre of your ministry seek him first.

360Gospelvibes: While on tour, there are certain songs that you wind up singing a countless number of times. Is there a particular one that, when you sing, your energy level shoots through the roof?

Chevelle: Well I must say one of my latest singles off the Set Time album called "No foreign god", I think my level shoot through the roof with that one.

360Gospelvibes: Do you ever wonder why God chose you to do what you do?

Chevelle: I use to wonder that alot but now I've come to a place whereby i except and believe that i am operating in Gods plan and purposes for my life

360Gospelvibes: How would you describe your style of music? Who are some of your musical heroes?

Chevelle: First of all my style of music is very original and authentic I love to fuse different sounds and make something new. I'm versatile vocalists so I can do anything that I truly want to do. I came from a background in secular music where I worked with some of the greatest musicians and singers in reggae and dancehall music. My musical heres are Whitey Houston and Aretha Franklin

360Gospelvibes: For our readers who would like to find out more about you or purchase your music, where can they go?

Chevelle: Well they can subscribe to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel. also get my music on iTunes, Spotify Amazon and all other digital distribution platforms, it will also soon be available on The Minstrel App in Nigeria "purchase it and it will bless you".


360Gospelvibes: What are your Hobbies

Chevelle: OK, I like doing make up, I love cooking, I love fashion and I love writing songs, to name a few

360Gospelvibes: Can you share with us any upcoming projects and Future plans
Chevelle: Right now I promised myself before I get older I would love to do another two Dancehall gospel albums so I'm actually in writing to put that out later this year. One of the things I would love to do is to build a worship center where it's open 24/7 and people from all walks of life can just come in and be washed in the presence of God that is one of the things that I'd love to do.

About Chevelle Franklin

Early Life and Reggae Career
Born in the Tawes Pen area of Spanish Town in St. Catherine Parish, Franklyn was the fourth in a family of ten children. She was forced to leave school at the age of fourteen to help support her family, and found work singing at hotels and resorts. After a year or two, she came to Kingston and worked with various producers there - Rohan Harrison, who had recorded her first single ("Here I Am") when she was 14, Steely & Clevie ("No One in the World", 1989) and Winston Riley. Manager and producer Mikey Bennett encouraged her to improve her education. Produced by Harrison and Bennett, her first hit song was "Nice and Naughty" (1992). This helped lead to collaborations with major stars like deejay Spragga Benz ("A-1 Lover", 1995), Shabba Ranks ("Mr. Lover Man", 1991), deejay Lady G ("Thank You", 1995) and Beenie Man (the song and album Dancehall Queen, 1997 (also used in the 1997 Jamaican movie Dancehall Queen). Franklyn was frustrated that she was usually replaced by an actress in the accompanying videos, and wanted to raise her profile as an artist. After the release of her album Serious Girl in 1996, Franklyn toured extensively in the Caribbean, the UK, and the US.

Conversion and Gospel Reggae Career

In 1998 Franklyn was about to perform "Dancehall Queen" on stage during a concert and instead performed Kirk Franklin's gospel song "Silver and Gold", announcing that she had become a Christian. After collaborations in 2000 with deejays Papa San ("Touch From You") and Lieutenant Stitchie ("Mr. Lover" - a charting hit in the US, she released her first gospel album, Joy, in 2001, toured internationally, and won (in 2002) 5 Caribbean Gospel Reggae Marlin Awards. Her gospel music was controversial with some for combining dancehall with gospel. Her album His Way was released in 2006; another album, Shake It Off (2008), was the product of a 2007 tour of South Africa and featured South African musicians and ministers. In 2008 she also performed in Lagos, Nigeria at "The Experience", a gospel mega-concert that attracted 400,000 attendees. In 2009 she was featured on one track ("Surely Goodness") on American Christian musician Israel Houghton's album The Power of One; the album won the Grammy award in 2010 for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album. Since then, she has continued to tour.

Franklyn performed at the inauguration of Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness on March 3, 2016.

Personal life

Franklyn married gospel promoter Colin Watts in March 2003; the couple had met in the UK in 2001 while Franklyn was touring there.


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